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April 28, 2016 at 5:29 pm #73635


Welp packing my bags for my journey north tomorrow, headed down 29N and hitting a few spots on the way to West Oak Forest east of 29 right passed glenwood where that nice land owner let me hunt his 20 acers of private property. Going to be on the highway at 5AM so I have a decent amount of time to hopefully score a couple lbs. Will probably check out the bottoms near Omaha sense I’ll be right there. Hoping for a good haul, I’ll be sweet talkin momma nature all the way to my destination.

April 28, 2016 at 6:04 pm #73639


With what you’ve seen in Iowa madman you think north facing slopes are going to be my best bet?

April 28, 2016 at 6:46 pm #73640


NewB- yes I would concentrate mainly on north slopes going only that far north. However, some trees that are known to produce late I wouldn’t pass up. Good luck!

April 28, 2016 at 7:45 pm #73647


Well i got a good old fashion butt-kicking from mother nature today. 400 plus miles, 6 hrs of walking, too many elm to count. Only 5 morels. Worse trip i have ever made north of I-80 in over 20 years of going to the hills up there. the irony is i found 4 on one of the first trees i checked. Still think their are some there, just not where i was. New, the bottoms are a good idea. At least they have reports of morels. I usually get my butt kicked at least once a year, but not in NW Iowa.

April 28, 2016 at 7:57 pm #73651


Thanks for all the knowledge madman, I know being the year we had its going to be a hit or miss. Let me just ask you one more question of advice, giving you had a whole day to drive north how much farther would you push it north with better odds? Thanks again

April 28, 2016 at 9:25 pm #73663


Ya kb might be doing most my hunting tomorrow in the bottoms, I just got off the phone with that guy who has that private property and said he picked a handful off his land last week but only looked 100 yards in. So will see how it turns out.

April 29, 2016 at 6:13 pm #73748


Might be more in the hills down toward the border. I found them there so I assumed going farther north would be no problem. Another problem is going to be how crumbly they are getting from all the rain. Madman and I both picked on the border a week ago. I watched them get larger from Thur. to Sun. Hope you do well. Every time you add a new spot its a good thing.

April 29, 2016 at 7:39 pm #73752


Howdy fellas. Still fresh shrooms being found in west central Mo/east central ks. This year has been a personal worst, but they are still growing/confounding. None of my regular spots produced at all and the hedge trees have thrown out the best bunches. This late, with this tough sledding, the deep shade is starting to produce. The ticks are horrendous, but there are still fresh morels out there. I had to radically change 30 years of “experienced” shroom hunting sense to get on them, but I’m glad I had the sense to.

April 29, 2016 at 8:47 pm #73767

SWI Shroomer

New: That forest near Glenwood is very close to where I found my first morel around 1968. Good to hear you had some good finds this year. Enjoy your stories and the Missouri boards trememdously. Great stories, lots of know-how. Good stuff.

April 29, 2016 at 9:04 pm #73768


catfishjohn, thanks for the post. I too have experienced my worst year finding Morels. Very interesting that your are still finding any at all let alone some fresh ones! Congrats on the perseverance! Are what you seeing, here and there, or does it look like a pretty good flush? Have you checked on the cedars down that way? I was down there two weekends back and only found any at the bottom of steep north facing hills.

Good luck ShroomMates!

April 30, 2016 at 12:34 am #73781


Finally able to sit down and enjoy a good one after 6 hours of driving today, didn’t do to bad but didn’t do what I was hoping to do. But for the knowledge I got in return was enough to call it a season and wait patiently with a freezer full of morels until next year.

SWI shroomer: That’s pretty interesting swi, the guy who’s land i was hunting today has lived there for 30 years and gave me a history lesson about the forest and the property owners. You dont think about it when you just glance over but there’s lots of history off up in them hills. Today was the first time I got a real taste of the hills, and boy is it not what I’m used to. The property owner is 68 and walked me all up and down them hills lol, I learned more this year hunting with him today then I’ve learned each year I’ve started hunting. After 3 hours filled up 2 bags, took a break emptied the bags and filled them back up before calling it a day and headed back north bound. One of the elms we checked produced 25 morels, the others we checked produced no more then 10 and a lot of 1′s and 2′s. I was pretty a$$ backwards on them hills but pretty sure we were finding most on West facing slops 2/3′s more then the north slopes put off.

kb as bad as I wanted to hit the bottoms I wasn’t aware there was so much standing water puddled up every where. The small patch I checked was more puddles of water then any thing was seeing to many soggy shrooms then good so headed to the hills. Came back with a walmart sack and a half full of mostly on the fresher side. Didn’t get as many pics as I wanted to bc when we would come up on a nice patch he would start tossing them in his bag while I was snapping pics lol. But here’s the ones I have, like dawg this pups headed to the porch with some cold brews until the 2017 morel seasons upon us. Cheers

April 30, 2016 at 10:32 am #73792


nice mess new, makes me want to go check some more spots. Catfish, are you in the bottoms, or hills. I’ll look in a walmart parking lot if that’s where they are.

April 30, 2016 at 12:08 pm #73798

Morel Finder

Nice pics NewB. I’ve been keeping an eye out for your posts this season. You’ve done very good considering the bad year it’s been. I think the Dawg and the Posse need to hook up with you and KB next year and put on our own Forray. I think we can do about as good as any so called Celebs do. :-D Just remember ” It’s not how many you find… but how many memories you made finding them”. Till next time boys and girls may us all have a year of continued good health so we can be ready to enjoy our favorite past time next spring. God bless us all!!

April 30, 2016 at 12:57 pm #73800


KB and shroom mate, haven’t seen anything on the cedars. None-and I mean NONE-of my usual spots produced. Sycamores never fired. I only found one cluster of 10, everything else was ones and twos. The best producers in my area were hedge (Osage orange) and honey locust. I suspect that’s because they are our heartiest native trees and somehow hold moisture near their root structures differently than other, more prolific “morel producing” species. We went three weeks without a drop of rain when the soil temps were prime, but the finds around hedge and honey locust were fresh and moist at that time. Last couple of times out, I’ve been in deep drainage in the bottoms near cottonwoods. Again, no big clusters–a few groupings of four or five, but they are fresh. I bet I haven’t even found 20#’s this year after walking the soles out of my boots. I could’ve driven to the rain, to my spots in E Iowa, but I didn’t. This year humbled me and made me rethink some things, and that’s never a bad thing.

May 9, 2016 at 5:21 pm #74782


YAY! we found MORELS!

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