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May 5, 2015 at 8:25 pm #66938


Dawg, I would advise to try to get on private land somehow. If you are headed where I think you might be, it has been hit hard. So go deep and don’t miss any trees on the public. Maybe you have a special spot nobody hits? Probably be a lot of marginal morels. I was up there a week ago Saturday and last Thursday, did not see any bad last Thur, but it has been hot and rainy since. I was north of Omaha last Sat.

May 5, 2015 at 9:06 pm #66947


Dawg aint in to no trespassin but on the other hand when my head is down sniffin for shrooms I may accidentally stray off the beaten path if ya know what I’m talkin bout. After Sundays shroom stompin I saw enough to know if you can get to a spot someone has not hunted since Sun ya should still be able to find some decent shrooms………..hell who knows maybe even the MUTHALODE!!!!!

Head’n out early in the AM, looks like the forecast is off and on rain. Tomorrow may be the last shroom sniffin day this year for the Dawg but Momma Nature will let me know as she always does when to take my ShroomDawgin ass to the porch.

KB you know how it goes each year, we go too early in the season when we know we probably aint gonna be findin a thing and then we go late in the season just so we can sleep at night knowin we didn’t leave those funguys to rot. :wink:

May 5, 2015 at 9:08 pm #66950


Mushy4life I live in Platte Co but my shroomdawgin covers many counties. :wink:

May 5, 2015 at 11:24 pm #66969


I hear you. Heck I’ll probably drove another 500 miles come this Saturday to who knows where. But maybe I’ll hit the MOTHERLOAD! good luck.

May 8, 2015 at 7:47 pm #67346


Well……….the Dawg is a might sad today. The posse took one last shroom stomp on 05/06/2015 and found about 6lbs.

Over all a pretty poor season but we found plenty for family and friends to eat and will cap it off with a fish/mushroom fry for Mothers Day.

As I said “Momma Nature will tell the Dawg when to take it to the porch” and she spoke with good authority so until next year later y’all the Dawg is on the porch.

 photo Bluetick Hound_zpscbtdjgck.jpg

March 15, 2016 at 10:07 pm #70029


I was going to start a new topic to share a little experience I had this past 2015 shroomin season but this thread caught my eye instead so I’ll share it here. Now I’m sure the seasoned shrommer’s have some good tales of there own but this one makes for a spot some where in the top “s***!” type of experiences if I say so my self.

It was nearing up to the end of the season and I was out on a mission to make one last trip worth talking about… Any rate I was up north and a tad west near St Joe stomping my boots around on a mission east of the river. Came acrossed a area with ahnuff fallin over timber to build one mighty sized barn, started to crawl, hurdle and jump over as many of them as I could. So I was on this one dam particular tree I’ll never forget… when I started to step off it onto another tree that had no bark on it, i slipped like It had motor oil on it and fell will all the momentum coming down on my left sholder. Thought I broke my arm from the popping and cracking I heard from it, jumped up holding my crippled arm… shook it off telling my self that was close its not broken… 3 MRI’S 30 x-rays later it turned out to be a torn bicep tenodesis and a torn labrum. Had surgery in August and just returned back to work yesterday March the 14th after being off sense early May from when I slipped and fell…. one heck of a recovery it was but im back in action and went out today for the first time this year to check one of my early spots… you never know what could happen even when your out shroomin and take a little fall…

March 16, 2016 at 1:32 am #70038


Dude that story about the barkless tree. That sucks man sorry to hear that. Luckily I did that when I was 7 and realized then that slippery elms were no joke. Good to hear you are recovering. Hope you hit the motherload this year.

March 28, 2016 at 12:54 pm #70486


NewB87, your story fits nicely into this thread “Shroomin aint for wussies!”
I’ve hunted the Mo river bottoms many times and the fallen Cottonwood trees tangled and laying like match sticks are some of the toughest hunting a shroomer will ever do…….., it can be very dangerous as you found out. Me and the posse hunt the bottoms every year and at some point someone busts their AZZ but so far no serious injuries, be careful y’all and good shroomin!

April 23, 2016 at 12:21 am #72977


Well y’all it was not easy but the Posse finally managed to pluck a few shrooms despite all the crap Momma Nature threw at us. I was really starting to wonder if we’s gonna get anything going in 2016 but if yur willing to say piss on it and get yur ass off the couch there are some shrooms to be had.

So the Posse heads north on Thursday, ShroomDawg, Shroomdiggity and against me and Shroomdiggity’s better judgement we’s got MF’er along. For those of you who don’t know MF’er is better known as Morel Finder on this here board.

The Posse is fired up, we got the snacks, we got the beer, we got the visions of shrooms dancing all around in our heads and we got MF’er. We arrive at our 1st destination and slap the “pickle”, (pickle = big green river john that looks like a pickle) in the river and head out to some bottom ground that’s produced in the past, looks early by judging the undergrowth and trees not to mention it was about 50 degrees and the wind was blowing 15-20 out of the north so the pickle ride was a tad chilly but we manage to find 2-3 lbs thanks to…….., you got it MF’er.

We decide to head to the hills after making the decision we would try to get back to the bottoms at a later date. And here is why this post is in the “Shroomin Aint For Wussies! thread. Look, when you’ve hunted shrooms as long as the Posse you know at some point you gotta go to the hills cuz there’s shrooms on them thar hills but you also know when it’s all said and done you’re proverbial Johnson is gonna be draggin. So up we go and I’ll be damn if……., you guessed it MF’er is on some nice fresh grays that look like they should have been the cover shoot for the MDC April issue of Missouri Conservationists, we work this spot a little longer and probably pick up another 3lbs.

We decide we got one last hunt left in us so no we’s going for broke after finding those grays way up north we head back south into the Mutha of all bluffs. The walk to the top and to the far reaches of the timber nearly dropped the Posse, the initial excitement of finding a Mutha Lode was replaced with the thoughts of, “where could we land the Life Flight chopper” if one of us was to flat line before the hunt even got started. Well, the Posse sucked it up and got busy and when we finally surrendered to the hills we got another 10-11lbs, a couple of trees gave off 40-50 shrooms so that helped a lot.

We went back to the hills on Friday and added Elm Shady and Kirby Pro to the Posse, we did not hunt as long and ended up with 11 lbs, Saturday the Dawg is on the porch but Sunday it’s on again. If y’all learned anything reading this post it should have been one thing…….., don’t give up? No. Get off yur ass off the couch cuz you’ll never find a shroom watchin Ellen? You should not be watchin Ellen. Don’t listen to people on a message board when they tell you it’s over? Maybe but not this year. Nah, the correct answer is to take MF’er cuz the boy has the Bionic Shroom Eye implant and can spot those sonsabitches 20 yds away, and after you hunt with him one time you’ll know why I call him MF’er rather than Morel Finder………, Gawd I hate totin his frickin shroom bags……..LOL!

Here’s some pics y’all

 photo IMG_2786 2_zpsiitu6nyj.jpg

 photo IMG_2786 2_zpsiitu6nyj.jpg

 photo IMG_2783 2_zpsad482rz7.jpg

 photo IMG_2782 2_zpsnkacnpmq.jpg

 photo IMG_2774 2_zpsqqegblym.jpg

 photo IMG_2780 2_zpstqa8906b.jpg

Oh yeah, you gotta have some sausage gravy, shrooms, hash browns and eggs

 photo IMG_0595 2_zpstl28vbfo.jpg

April 23, 2016 at 10:15 pm #73063


Dang Dawg, nice haul. Where did those grays come from? north slope? I could bite one of those. Hey in that one picture with morels around the elm tree, i guess, that ground almost looked like it had burned the year before due to lack to plants. I am surprised to have found as much as i have in the hills as dry as it was. But you do have to work your butt off for them. Once it gets above 80 it is a sweatathon, bring water but take the dam plastic bottle back. Should be illegal to sell it in plastic bottles.

April 24, 2016 at 1:17 am #73079


Ya dawg you and the posse pulled it through wants again(cheers). Even when there harder to find you and the posse always pull through. Don’t laugh when I say this but I’ve actually said “What’s up dawg?” to about 6 different shroom stompers between this year and last with each response/reaction different then the last lol. Nice pics hoping to tackle the hills or bluffs before I call it a season.

April 24, 2016 at 6:38 am #73083


kb, I’m sure some were north slopes but ya know when you get in the hills it’s easy to get all cork screwed and not know where the hell you are, most of the fresher ones were higher up the hills. Seems the valleys stayed damp with all the leaf litter and those were the older ones, probably came up early last week, maybe earlier? Heading back towards the border today, hopefully the grays we were finding have finally took off, if so we may have a good rally to close out the season this week, don’t give up! Heard stories of good numbers south of St Joe late last week so it’s time to go boys, hopefully the Posse will get enough shrooms to check in with this afternoon. One thing for sure, as long as MF’er is along them shrooms got no chance……., LOL! :wink:

April 24, 2016 at 6:45 am #73085


NewB87 ain’t no nooby no more, you done pretty good this year son, as tough as it was early in the season you got out there and was finding more shrooms than most. A good shroomer is a little bit lucky, completely obsessed, and not a damn quitter, I always say Momma Nature will let ya know when it’s time to take it to the porch and it ain’t time yet! :wink:

April 24, 2016 at 11:58 am #73103


dawg, i could not have said it better. obsession, hard work, and a little luck will get you many things you want in life. Luck does favor the prepared. 3 straight days of hills plus a yard to mow.has made me about as mobile as the tin man today. Going to spend the day with my family.

April 24, 2016 at 12:38 pm #73108


Kb- talked myself out of going today going to spend time with family also. I have to be back tomorrow so figured one day just isn’t worth the trip this time. Hit some of my honey holes at the Missouri/Iowa line Thursday 4-21-16 got 6lbs but not what I had hoped for. Feeling alot better and more like myself- ready to chase mushrooms again! Hoping to make a run somewhere in Iowa again this weekend. Do ya think it’s going to get any better as the season progresses North? It will be interesting to see if it’s going to be this way everywhere.

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