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General Information

Hunting tools
Knife, mesh bag, smartphone with GPS
Water bottle, tick repellent, extra mesh bags, protein bars, small field guides.
Favourite Mushroom
Half-free Morel (Morchella punctipes)
Long socks, bright clothing (don't make people think you're a deer), long sleeves
Morels with linguine
Butter-sauted morels on plain crackers with bleu cheese
Slight experience, my only true finds were a couple of places in southern CT. Never found early season black morels, only yellows, half-caps and diminutiva. Been into mushroom and plant ID since I was a little kid and have trouble keeping my eyes on the road when passing an elm grove.

Now new to north TX, trying to figure out how the morels grow here – yet to find a single mushroom. I also love gardening. Planning a potted chili pepper garden this spring on a 4' x 8' patio.


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