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  1. Kansas
    Hi. Just curious if anyone has experience with finding Black Morels in Kansas? Or more specific, the N.E. part of the state? Dont think I have really ever seen any, but maybe just havent targeted them specifically. I'm getting geared up for the season in the Lawrence area...
  2. For Sale - Classifieds
    HI, I'm an Alaskan picker looking to a establish a good relationship with a buyer in the lower 48. Large quantities of fresh and dried will be available beginning in June (High quality morchella tomentosa, m. frustrata, and m. capitata varieties). Affordable 12-48hr air freight to the lower...
  3. Michigan
    In Lake County near Luther. Picked my first five yesterday. Plenty of rain and warmer temperatures should make them pop.
1-3 of 3 Results