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  1. Louisiana
    I’m in EBR but I love long drives. I’ve found chanterelles (yummy!) around EBR and recently discovered honey mushrooms (which I’ve been too scared to ingest). I mainly seek moist hardwood forests. Anybody know any good trails/locations for foraging? Thanks!
  2. Minnesota
    Hi guys, new on here. Cant tell if these are true or false chanterelle. Found a bunch on this rainy day near cambridge MN
  3. New Jersey
    First year in four that I've been hunting that I ever found chanterelles in the wild...come on rain... Never thought I would ever like rain after spending 33 years as a lineman..
  4. Delaware
    For those of us where the morel season is over, but the other wonderful summer mushrooms are upon us here in Indiana I thought I’d start this thread to get us until the next morel season comes around.
  5. California
    Chanterelles found.
1-6 of 6 Results