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  1. FOUND A MOREL!!! Cumming, GA

    I found 4 Morels- first of the season!!
  2. Morel Sightings and Burn Maps

    Regional Meet Ups
    hey everyone! Feel free to remove this if it's in the wrong forum. I'm new to this forum but I have my own blog and I just compiled a few burn maps and and sightings maps that some of you may find helpful. Check it out here...
  3. Any sightings around Milledgeville, GA? Any tips or help?

    I'm relatively new to mushroom hunting and have tried VERY hard for almost 2 years to find morels with no luck. I know that there's a limited window of opportunity but I'm afraid I may be too far South or just not in an area where they grow (Milledgeville, GA). I've watched the temperatures like...