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  1. Missouri
    Greetings, Is there anyone in the Kansas City area that might be willing to show a newbie the ropes? I'm located in the Kansas City area and would be more than willing to pay someone to show me one of their honey holes... I know that's a bold move to make but again, I would pay for it and I...
  2. For Sale - Classifieds
    Hello all, I've got some beautiful fresh Morels picked over the weekend available and some fresh wild Asparagus. $40 for 1 lb Morels + 1 lb Asparagus or $35 per lb for just Morels. I normally don't sell for over $25 a lb but these required a 12 hour round trip and three days on the road and we...
  3. Missouri
    Hey everybody I live in Kearney, Mo and we been getting plenty of rain but just not enough sun! Checked a couple of spots around Smithville Lake and still nothing. The ground seems soft and wet enough so I was just wondering if anyone has found any around my area. Please let me know! Thanks.
1-3 of 3 Results