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  1. Minnesota
    2022 season well lets start the discussion on summer mushroom, the less known probably better mushrooms.
  2. Minnesota
    Well now that the temperature has reach 50-60 degrees it means Morels will be finally pocking through the snow! so I am creating the 2022 thread, and if this year you guys get skunk again maybe consider collecting stamps. let the best hunter win!
  3. Minnesota
    Hi guys, new on here. Cant tell if these are true or false chanterelle. Found a bunch on this rainy day near cambridge MN
  4. Minnesota
    Hello all, I'm curious if anyone has any pointers for someone who's fairly new to hunting morels? Something you wish someone had told you when you starting searching for morels, perhaps? I know that I'm starting at the end of this season (Central US), but any tips will certainly be...
  5. Minnesota
    Hey guys! I'm new to shroom hunting. Moved to Red Wing last year and need a hobby. A friend told me to go looking for morels. Any tips for a beginner? Wondering if I can go into basically any old woods and search. Maybe the bluffs if anyone is familiar with this area? I know to look for dead...
  6. For Sale - Classifieds
    Bring em if ya got em-3 inch tops and smaller $32/lb, anything else is $30/lb. Wet, damaged, and oversized are half price. Please no plastic,cut, or wash/rinse. Currently I-80 Des moines West to North Platte & I-35 Wichita North to Minneapolis & I-90 Sioux Falls East to Lacrosse & I-29 KC North...
1-6 of 6 Results