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  1. Free Morels

    My family and I love hunting for morels but we dont really like the taste, we get a lot this year and are giving away them, we got up to 1 pound per person we have about 40 pounds, give me a call, eddie my number is 917-567-1761
  2. **SOLD** fresh picked 4-27-19 nebraska morels for sale

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    84 pounds of first pick Nebraska blondes selling in lots of 25 pounds for $1k, or $3k for all. All morels are sourced growing wild and are fresh picked dry and clean with no dirt. All are number one morels with no bugs, burnt tops or damage. My morels are never rinsed or washed. Can ship or meet...
  3. In search of 10 +/- pounds of Morels.

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    Hello, I am looking for approximately 10 pounds of morel mushrooms to be shipped overnight to Iowa. If you have any please email me at [email protected] or call my cell at 319-504-4934. Thank you, Tori Lockard

    For Sale - Classifieds
    I have an abundance of nice medium size yellows(blondes) and all sizes of a mix of tans, yellows, and grays. All were picked in black dirt with no sandy river shrooms. I can supply any amount you want up to 600 pounds. More available after the snow moves out. I will meet to deliver when and...