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  1. $32/lb CASH for fresh picked morels Omaha/CB-Sioux City-Sioux Falls-Rochester-LaCrosse

    For Sale - Classifieds
    Looking to buy fresh picked morels.High volume pickers can earn up to $32 a pound with bonuses. 5 pounds or more please. Travel I-29, I-35, I-80, & I-90 daily in addition to resident buyer in LAC. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$**32.00**$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ I pay top dollar for quality...
  2. Janesville, WI && ALL ROCK COUNTY

    im in the janesville area in southern Wisconsin and homeless people live all in our woods in makeshift camps. mostly by the rock river. But anyone found any sprouting in janesville or rock co. you don't have to tell me your secret location. lol, April 22nd 2020
  3. Giving Away Free Morel Mushrooms

    Hello everyone, we love hunting for Morels but my husband doesn't enjoy eating them much, so we have about 20 pounds of Morels we hunted in our family and are giving away 1 pound per person.. You must pay for shipping which is around $5 USPS flat rate unless you want priority. My number is...
  4. We have morels for buyers

    For Sale - Classifieds
    Pls check out the pictures. We have fresh and dried morels. Contact me :3475158223
  5. Free Morels

    My family and I love hunting for morels but we dont really like the taste, we get a lot this year and are giving away them, we got up to 1 pound per person we have about 40 pounds, give me a call, eddie my number is 917-567-1761
  6. Free Morel Mushrooms

    For Sale - Classifieds
    My family and I love hunting for morels but we dont really like the taste, we get a lot this year and are giving away them, we got up to 1 pound per person we have about 40 pounds, give me a call, eddie my number is 917-567-1761
  7. 30lbs Fresh Picked 2019 Wild California Burn Morels $45

    For Sale - Classifieds
    I have 30 pounds of fresh picked California wild burn morels available now. Picked 4/30/2019 1 pound order minimum Fedex Overnight Shipping Payment via paypal $45 per pound plus shipping, or local delivery in Southern California.
  8. They're Here!!!

    North Carolina
    Found my first batch of grays this morning. Hickory, North Carolina. It's only going to get better!
  9. 2019 Wisconsin Morel Season

    Well, the anticipation has begun. Please post your Wisconsin shroom hopes, your finds and any crazy fun right here!
  10. Washington co 2019

  11. Seeking Active and aggressive morel buyer in Wes coast

    For Sale - Classifieds
    Hello!! Fresh picked morels straight from the valley's and tops of California's forests! Seeking an aggressive and active buyer for a long term business relationship. Willing to travel. Contact if interested!! Thank you. Call/Text Anytime: 323-351-9142
  12. Upstate NY Spring 2018

    New York
    Well no one else has started a new thread so here ya go. Another year has passed morel season is rounding the corner! Please let us know what area (without giving away exact locations) you found some morels >>You should also consider reporting findings here<< Happy Hunting!
  13. About that time??!!

    Just wondering if anybody has had any sightings so far this year. It’s been pretty cold still in Omaha this year so it might be a while before we head out to hunt but I was hoping to get lucky out there this Easter weekend! Happy hunting!!
  14. Not to early

    Although it seems weeks too early, I found this in my yard recently. Dropped by some animal, because it was just laying there. I sure wish I had somewhere to hunt. I used to love to hunt every year with my grandparents and since my grandfather died we lost connections to the places we used to...
  15. New Mesh Morel Bags! 2018 is going to be an awesome year!

    For Sale - Classifieds
    A lot of you are familiar with our gear. The shop is open and we are stitching away so we can keep up with all the requests this year. We are also adding an option to customize the white mesh bags with your own artwork, name, or foray group logo. If you have any questions feel free to contact me...
  16. Found Morels.

    Found some black Morels at Cottage Grove lake. Not until I was standing right on top of em. About a pounds worth!
  17. What do you prefer to eat? Small greys or big yellows?

    Hi everyone! I'm bored and decided to make a thread on which morels you like to eat the most? Small greys or Big yellows? Me? I prefer to eat the small greys just because they are perfect bite size! And also a bonus question does anyone like to eat the beefsteaks mushrooms? I have ate them all...
  18. Chapel Hill Morels

    North Carolina
    After a week of searching with nothing. Finally, a good downpour of rain I found the first morels! The family is happy and our bellys are asking for more!
  19. 04.02.17 FRESH PICKED MORELS FOR SALE $40 GREYS & BLONDES NOW only game in town.

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    Picked today. I have 28 lbs of some of the freshest morels available. Perfect mix of sizes and colors. Pick today Sunday and ship tomorrow Monday. Not pre-order. $40/lb + $30 overnight shipping. Any amount you want. [email protected] Looks like last year all over again as these are...