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  1. Pennsylvania
    Hey guys! I’m new to the Harrisburg area and am looking forplaces to search for morales. I know places you look are kind of secretive but if you can point me in the general direction I can look that would be greatly appreciated. This is something Iused to do with my dad and I kind of want to...

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  3. Mushroom Dinner Pics & Recipes
    Now you can Buy shrooms online in poland ,We provide magic mushrooms all over poland with high rich quality. We are a leader in the magic mushroom industry and take pride in the quality of our products and services. provides a variety of wild and cultivated fresh...
  4. For Sale - Classifieds
    Just finishing picking the last of them. Get them yet today, WED 29th. Large are all 5 inch tops or larger. No burnt tops,over mature, or blowouts. 10K CASH for all or will split into 2 groups of 100 pounds each for 5K each. All are picked dry with no dirt and are never wash or rinsed or...
  5. Maryland
    I am new to this site and I want to say hello to everyone. Also, have a question..... I have this property that I have check all the signs of having morels but no morels anywhere on the 46 acres. My question is... How bad are wild Turkeys? Are they the reason their are no mushrooms? Any...
  6. For Sale - Classifieds
    I have 30 pounds of fresh picked California wild burn morels available now. Picked 4/30/2019 1 pound order minimum Fedex Overnight Shipping Payment via paypal $45 per pound plus shipping, or local delivery in Southern California.
  7. For Sale - Classifieds
    I make these small laser engraved shelve sitters. They are 5"x5"x3/4" thick. Since they are laser engraved there is nothing to come off like paint or something glued on. They are burnt right into the wood and will be there forever. I am asking 12.50 a piece for them shipped to anywhere in the...
  8. Delaware
  9. For Sale - Classifieds
    Hello!! Fresh picked morels straight from the valley's and tops of California's forests! Seeking an aggressive and active buyer for a long term business relationship. Willing to travel. Contact if interested!! Thank you. Call/Text Anytime: 323-351-9142
1-9 of 9 Results