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  1. Missouri
    Greetings, Is there anyone in the Kansas City area that might be willing to show a newbie the ropes? I'm located in the Kansas City area and would be more than willing to pay someone to show me one of their honey holes... I know that's a bold move to make but again, I would pay for it and I...
  2. Tennessee
    Good morning, I just found this site following some (very slight) research. Figured I would go to the source for solid info. So... where do I start? There are no articles for beginners, and not all books are created equal. Any suggestions? Thanks,
  3. Minnesota
    Hey guys! I'm new to shroom hunting. Moved to Red Wing last year and need a hobby. A friend told me to go looking for morels. Any tips for a beginner? Wondering if I can go into basically any old woods and search. Maybe the bluffs if anyone is familiar with this area? I know to look for dead...
1-3 of 3 Results