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  1. Augusta/Staunton Morels

    Hi guys. Just moved to Staunton/Augusta Co. Va. & have had no success on my morel foray's so far. I have a hunch that is because of the highly plastic clay soils in the area. Sp I'm headed westward in search of well draining/organic soils. Anyone out there with regional/local knowledge? Muchass...
  2. New to Virgina. NEVER hunted or eaten Morels. I Need Help!!lol

    Hello! I am new to the area. I am from the coast of South Carolina and as far as I know, there are no Morels there. I've always heard about Morels, but never had them! I am very excited about it. Everyone I've EVER asked about them goes crazy and says how amazing they are!! Anyway, I live in...