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'Tis upon us...

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Looks like the weather is shaping up nicely for a great year in my area. Sunshine and enough rain. Should be a much more "normal" season than the past 2. Will start looking hard the next few days.
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Hey Mitch, what's your area? I'm in NYC so I hunt in the lower Hudson and it's been DRY as a BONE.
Broome/Tioga county area. Rain is right around average for the month and we're going to have warm temps over the next week.
I'm in the area too. Conditions do seem favorable, so now we'll just have to see what the morels have planned!
Good hunting!
i am in the foothills of the adirondacks,thinking 1 more week,then start hunting them,good luck everyone :)
Temps have been pretty nice in saratoga county. Getting some rain tonight ill be out looking mornings starting mid week.
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