04.02.17 FRESH PICKED MORELS FOR SALE $40 GREYS & BLONDES NOW only game in town.

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  1. jamie

    jamie Morel Connoisseur

    Picked today. I have 28 lbs of some of the freshest morels available. Perfect mix of sizes and colors. Pick today Sunday and ship tomorrow Monday. Not pre-order.

    $40/lb + $30 overnight shipping. Any amount you want. [email protected]

    Looks like last year all over again as these are the only morels found anywhere in the US. Neb & Iowa and south where I usually am picking has had their season ruined again. Anytime you see redbuds and lilacs blooming and there are no morels something is wrong. I noticed two things. One large area got over the dreaded 81 degrees early and shut the season off and the other area had a long hard freeze after the morels had started again slamming the door on the season. Froze all the fruit trees that were in bloom as well.
  2. kb

    kb Morel Connoisseur

    Jamie, I don't know about your predictions this year. Last year sucked for sure. In my opinion everything from N. Mo up should be ok. I have no lilacs blooming yet. Iowa and Minn. stayed much colder than last year. Was it to warm and dry at the wrong time? I guess time will tell. Besides I believe your morels are coming from the west, oregon/washington. they sure as heck are not from the midwest in those quantities. If so what state did they come out of? Let's be honest with people. By the way folks if they are from the west he is paying about $10 a lb or less.