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10lbs For Sale Fresh!

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<span style="color: blue">Hello I have 10lbs for sale mostly yellows and some greys
20 dollars a lb I live in Siren but can meet up between here and New Richmond
All picked yesterday and today may 29th and 30th
I posted Pics in the Wisconsin forum them are the ones you will get...

Thanks Pat
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hey morel, ever ship morels, i live in ohio could buy them all, let me know, email, [email protected]
<span style="color: blue">Yes I have shipped them before,,, but I wont ship these ones as they will sit in the mail for a few day and rot
but I can ship New Fresh ones on Monday
Unless you want to spend the Big Money and I will over Night them
just let me know
Thanks Pat</span>
<span style="color: blue">All Sold Thank You
I will be picking more on Monday
I have 240 acres of dead elms on Private land that I haven't hit yet!!!</span>
Fresh Morels available, 5 10 20 lbs every day now, $25.00 lb 507-259-0573,, SE Minnesota
<span style="color: blue">Go start your own Thread!</span>
buck you moocher! I would never buy from you after that shady move.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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