2014 Morel Season

Discussion in 'Petoskey – Harbor Springs – Boyne City' started by batman, May 15, 2014.

  1. batman

    batman Young Morel

    Hi All. There isn't much going on up here yet, be faithful. It has been a late year but I'm back from Florida and in BC today. Still early up here but next week might be promising. I have a few favorite places in the Lansing area and have found many "Half-frees" and just an early few of grays and whites. I'm heading back south from BC to check out my sites back home and hope for good luck. I must say that there seems to be much "commercial picking" going on up here from what I read. I eat all I can find and experiment with recipes. All in all, it's great exercise, right? C
  2. austinbagge

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    There are mushrooms up there, you just got to look in the areas with good sunlight. I found 82 yellows under 1 tree in Traversecity yesterday and a bunch more grays. I found 4 blacks in Petoskey but they were small so i backed out, and found 10 blacks in Boyne as well they had some size to them.