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It's getting close!!! Can't wait!!!! Hoping for an awesome year!!
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No. But I'm guessing someone else goes by Glassman? I've been asked that before on here. Lol
Glassman, get ready, they are on their way! I was in the Hot Springs area yesterday (walleye fishing below the carpenter dam) keeping my eye open for ash trees. I saw a few but not many in the river valley below the dam. Water temps were in the mid 40's so soil temps in the woods are probably about the same. It looks like they well be coming in later this year. My earliest find was two years ago when we had an early spring and a few popped up by Mar. 9. Usually I start finding them during the last two weeks in Mar. Last year my first find was Mar 25th. I'll be in Bonaire diving at that time this year.
Hope you do good this year!
Hey Jerry good to hear from you. I'm hoping for a good year.I can't wait. The warm temps last week had me itching now the nasty weather is back. Glad for the moisture though.a few more weeks and we'll be in the woods!!! Would like to hook up with you this year if possibly. Good luck!
Lucky you's. Sub-Artic in Michigan. Last few years up here have been fantastic. Each year different conditions at different times. I'm guessing season will be 3-4 weeks behind due to frigid winter here, southern US similar. How is the Ash tree population doing elsewhere. Michigan is being decimated. Long term.......shroomin will be affected.
These warmer days should be moving us closer to morel harvest time fast! Taxes, snow and too many other distractions have kept me off the water and out of the woods way too much! However, I sure do hope we have a slow warm-up and not a sudden change to high temps. Glassman, it would be nice to meet. You might beat me to finding the first one in Ark this year if they pop up while I'm off diving. I won't be back until the end of the month and they usually start popping up during the last week of Mar in areas that I search. Maybe they'll wait this year.
I don't know the way temps keep going up

n down. I'm itching to go.
Still at least a week away in the mtn`s. Everything is still pretty dead in the ouchitas
My brother lives in Maumelle and he is going to look for Morels in that area does anybody know if there are any around Conway?
Scuba diving in Bonaire but wondering if they are popping up in SE Ark. Haven't seen any reports yet. Maybe they will wait until I get back to looking on Sun. I would be greatly surprised if my spots aren't producing by then, just hope I can get to them. Duke, yes, you should be able to find them in the Conway area. Good luck!
Haven't been out yet but going this weekend to my hot spots. Hoping to do some good. I see Texas and Oklahoma are starting. Maybe we can hook up this year Jerry. Give me a holler if you want. Good luck y'all!
Looks like it's going to be another late year again. Wasn't until April 10th for me last year.
Someone reported one small morel in Mountain Home. The photo is posted on another site Morel Mushroom Hunting for the 26th of March. I didn't see a confirmed date but you can check it out if you want. Good Luck everyone.
Me and the wife are playing hookie tomorrow from work. Going looking all weekend. Hope to report something tomorrow. From the looks of the Oklahoma board looks like I'll be headed over there next weekend. Good luck y'all!!
Found three baby's!!! Got out of there so we didn't step on any. Go back in a few days.
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Glassman, what are you trying to load from. If it's Photobucket, use the HTML code.
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