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2015! Hopefully year of the shrooms!! :)))

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Shroomers year?
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Sure hope so, this warmer weather has given me the shroom fever. Can't wait to start looking!
I am eager to get out & hunt! Already got morel fever so bad it hurts. Anyone that wants to join me at a great spot for morels just let me know. I plan to go every chance I get as soon as spring hits.
I live in Morrilton, hunt for morels in Dover.
I'm from MI but I'm coming down to Harrison the first week of April and I'm so excited. When I look outside all I see is the white fluffy stuff and bare trees. I sure hope the morels will be popping while I'm down there. I'd be happy just to see fresh green things and snow free ground.

C'mon SPRING!!!
It's white outside here too. Hope it all melts off today. We've had a nice amount of precipitation for the fungus to be plentiful this spring. Happy to have a morel spot, oyster spot & a chanterelle spot. Now I need hens & chicks :) Hopefully trying to start my own business won't interfere with my hunting. My biggest problem is finding hunting partners. Given my health issues I do not need to be alone in the woods at all. Not to mention all the things that can happen out there. Just not wise to go it alone anymore. Thought it would be easier to find a hunting buddy but no such luck. Nerds are in short supply
Is the snow gone? It's melting up here but not fast enough!

I'd love to go moreling with you. I can bring down some dried hens. I picked almost 70 last fall.
The snow is gone here except for some spots that don't see enough sun. It's seriously wet out there. Been on 2 hikes here in Morrilton. Found some old oysters & various species from last year. I know this year is going to be great due to all this moisture. Never tried hens or chicks & many other varieties. Tried chanterelle mushrooms & hated them. Love to have someone to hunt with :)
LOL You're the first person I've heard say they hated chants. I was very disappointed the first time I tried them. They just didn't live up to my expectations. I found thousands of them in NC. I sure had a blast picking them and I eat them for the nutrition. Now I pick them here in MI and freeze them. I like them in bean soup. They are supposed to be good for your eyes.

The only mushroom I really enjoy is the Lion's mane. I like the hens and chickens a lot as well as morels but the Lion's mane is the best,

I enjoy the hunt most of all. I can't wait to get to AR and explore the woods.
Haven't got to try Lion's Mane, Hens or Chicks...yet :) The chants tasted like wood to me & they were very tough. I prefer my mushrooms to be a texture I'm used to I guess. Eating things because they are good for me is a huge problem for me. I hate it but do it anyway. The temps here are driving me nuts waiting. It was gorgeous out today. I know those little gems are going to be popping out soon :D Giddy I am
mycologyluvr. I am from little rock and would gladly pick you up to hunt your spots. Slim pickings in my area, every tree is oak or pine related.

Mycologyluvr, I hope Spring has arrived for you. It is so nice up here (MI) and we might hit 60 on Monday before getting more snow. I am glad we aren't going to be in the 80s like it was in 2012 because that just ruined everything... all the apples and other fruit crops were killed in April. Remember that year? Super hot and dry!

I looked up your area on the map and it's only about an hour and a half south of where I'm staying. It would be so much fun to get together with a few mushroom nuts and explore the woods. The only days I have a commitment are April 3rd 4th and 5th. So if you have anytime after the 5th till about the 9th let me know.

I'm going in the woods today. Hopefully find some Flammulina Velutipes!
I try to forget years past lol. A few summers ago I remember not being able to go outside because it was so very hot hot hot. My asthma meds & inhaler did not help one bit so I stayed inside all summer.

I went to Dover yesterday. Couldn't stand not being out there in the forest so I had to go. Found zero fungus :( I noticed that there is a logging company clear cutting!!!!!!!! It is a wildlife reserve so I do not understand the clear cutting. They haven't made their way down to where I hunt but I am sweating bullets! How do we get in touch with each other in private? If you have a facebook I am Irish Morgan there
Are you in the AMS? They're gonna go picking as soon as they come up. I've been out looking too. I'm goona look you up on FB.
The Ozark National Forest is a working forest. They plant pine trees, then cut them down. Sometimes they cut hardwoods but rarely because they are recovering from the mass logging of the turn of the 20th century. loggers cut almost every single tree in most places. That's why I love the deep canyons and creeks because the trees are older.
I've been picking Oysters and Lion's Mane all winter. Lion's Mane are a huge favorite of mine too. I'm in North West Arkansas in Crawford County but I travel widely. I found morels in Minnesota last year. Looking forward to trying Chantreles and Black Trumpets.
I've got the itch too!!!! Think I'll get out this weekend. Maybe I can find some just popping up. I doubt it but it will be fun to get out. Hoping it's not too wet! That mother load I found last year was near a river bottom. we'll see! Good luck!! WOOOOOOOO PIG!!
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