2015. It was a very good year!

Discussion in 'Nebraska' started by shroomanitutanka, May 12, 2015.

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    To all my fellow hunters & finders, I hope you had a prosperous season. I have been blessed by the great Wakan Tanka. My basket overflowed with many, many morels this year. It continues for me on grassy hilltops and sweeping meadows where I continue to find the really big & truly last ones of the season. It's a chore with the grass as high as it is, but well worth the time. I usually dry these last of the season and use them through the winter months to remind my of what awaits beyond the cold of January & February. This will be my last post until next season. I wish you all a happy, prosperous year & many blessings upon you & your families!
    Happy Hunting!
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    It was great to see you again this season Shroomani, hope to see you again next season, May you be Blessed throughout the rest of the year...
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