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2015 morel season - Alabama

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1st of March and the season will soon start. I hunt the Bham area and it looks like we are at least 20 days from starting the season. If cold snaps dont let up it could be later.. will update when I find my first..
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Also hunting in the Bham area, first year hunting at all though.
First time hunting since I left Michigan 30 years ago. What are the best terrains in AL to hunt?
First morels found in GA today (11th). Looks like somewhere near Macon, GA. With the warm and rain we should see some finds in Bham area soon. I will be checking my early spots Fri and Sun.
New to this site and pick in Bham metro. It's getting close. Went to a few spots today just to check with no luck but won't be long now. I will let you guys know when I find No 1
Just checked my "spot" in Lee Co. No shroom :( yet!
Found 2 dozen greys near dead elm. My first for the season. Found Bham metro area this morning 3/16/15. Pic posted on morelmushroomhunting site. Only took one for evidence others should grow. Very fresh and caps were1- 1 1/2 inches.
I will be in Marion county this weekend with my nose to the ground.
Any updates on locating Mushrooms in Alabama?
Live near Huntsville Al, when do I start looking and where??
I'm going Sunday morning to Monte Sano to look.
I went out yesterday. No luck.... I think we are one or two weeks out. I have never hunted in Alabama so I am not sure if I am going find anything. :(
Hello. I'm a recent transplant to the Moundville area from Idaho. Seems the Idaho morels are different than those in Bama, so I really appreciate all the friendly tips and advice offered here. I've been scouting the 100 acres I live on regularly since that first 80* day we had a month ago to no avail, YET. Still hoping and looking. Thanks and best of luck y'all.
I'm in bham area as well. Not sure where to hunt .
@ Birmingham people, there were some Jefferson County controlled burns within the last 30 days. I'd wait till the weekend (heavy rain predicted thurs-fri) and check those locations.
Found a handful just emerging south of Tuscaloosa under sweet gum, elm, and heavy privet today...

Found these today. They are not half-free morels are they? They have some long stems....
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The mountain dew bottle was a cool find also. Location Marshall/Blount county line.
Morel season recap. Bham Metro, the season seemed to be somewhat above average ( at least for me it seemed). Most of the morels appeared between March 20 and April 5. I did find early little greys Mar 16th at an early spot and a couple of fresh yellows Apr 9th at a lste spot. The heart of the season 3/20 thru 4/5 is about right at normal for our area. It was sleeting 3/5 and looked like wed have a late year; but it warmed right up and we had no major cold once they started. Looking forward to next year already. Happy Hunting to all.
Glad to be part of the group. I can't wait till things warm up.
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