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2016 season

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extreme lack of winter moisture is a real concern this year. Johnson County received decent rain 3/23 which is first really significant moisture desperately needed. I was planning to do early recon this coming weekend, but temps in the 20's tonight so I think that's out. Mild winter temps so prepare for a large population of ticks to combat. Hoping for some frequent rain over the next couple weeks or this may be a poor season. Driest conditions I can recall in recent memory. Anyone's thought on a good or poor crop this year?
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I'm southeast of Wichita and very dry here. Last year was my worst season ever and I think this year will equal it. It's very dry here. I hunted the last four days a little and didn't find any.
have no fear, soil temps are still in the low 40's, shroom time is coming
getting some much needed rain in sek. have not been out yet, but hoping to look around saturday if we get enough has anyone found any shrooms yet in Crawford County? Should be close
We went out yesterday to check our early spots. What a heartbreak as the soil is soooo dry, even near the creeks. Hoping for a rain this week as all the other "signs" are there.
Follow me as I hunt the Eastern hardwoods this 2016 Season.
As I scout harvest and help you learn how to find those amazing morel spots.

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