2017 Front Range Season

Discussion in 'Colorado' started by podsixia, Feb 24, 2017.

  1. podsixia

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    Hi all, I've hunted a lot in Missouri, but only a little in Colorado and have so far been unsuccessful. I've had a hard time finding public land with the right habitat at the right season. Looking to team up with some experienced CO hunters. I can't contribute any CO specific hunting knowledge, but I'm happy to drive. I'd also be interested in any late summer Porcini hunts.

    If I can scratch my morel itch here, I can avoid the 10 hour drive back to Missouri!

  2. morchellica

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    Podsixia, find the forest fires from 1-2 yrs ago.

  3. alanchenoweth

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    Forest fires will find you the Black Morels, for front range you need cottonwoods and beave
    if you want to find the blondes like in Missouri then look for cottonwoods, preferably with active beavers nearby. We are still a little ways away, I'm thinking it was around 12th or 14th of April last year I started finding them. Season will last over a month here. Start looking when the cottonwood leaves are about 1-2" long.
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    I was recently back in the midwest for business and all I could think about was morels. If only my trip would have been a few weeks later....

    I haven't found an quantities out here like I did when living in Iowa, but time takes time and those days may come. Either way, to find some out here is still a blessing. I found my largest ( by weight) morel last year. It was almost completely solid. I am anxious to get out there again. The upside to out here is the season can be quite long due to all the elevations and micro climates.
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    Hello all,

    I am from Ohio and have hunted mushrooms every year since '85. I know the midwest forests and trees quite well and find at least a hand full every year.

    These woods and mountains are so foreign to me, but I am starting to learn. Cottonwoods are easy to spot! I took a 10 mile bike ride around Chatfield SP along the river last week and it is loaded with Cottonwood and beaver. Would these low-lying areas along the South Platte River be a good place to start?

    Also, where can I find a map of recent burns in the mountains with dates?

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    I lived in Seattle area for 6 yrs, and the rule "East of Easton" worked well...one had to go over the Cascades, on the dry side, and very nice quantities could be found, but of course the Morel is always and everywhere fickle.

    2 years ago, it rained every day here in CO, and I found good quantities above 8k feet in mid to late May. Now is probably a time to look in front range basins, given the warm April weather and the rain we've had the last 2 days.