2018 Can you make a living morel hunting now?

Discussion in 'Oregon' started by jaws, Feb 2, 2018.

  1. yes

  2. maybe if you had super powers

  1. jack

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    Also, I forgot, in a lot of states, you have to be Certified by the State to sell wild mushrooms " period. " In Michigan the cost for Certification is around $185.00 I may be mistaking , but I think it also has to be re-newed every couple of years.
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  2. Chrissy

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    Hi, my husband and i do mushrooms full time, and do pretty good for ourselves. It can be no dollars for a week, and then you can make a thousand a day, so its pretty variable. I think its the perfect job for travelers, as thats what my husband and i both did before we met each other and started picking together. It's quite the learning curve, but this year is a good year to learn as there are so many fires. Be ready to hike 10 miles a day.
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  3. Programmin

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    If you look up Modern Forager site (currently down with some security error but you can use Google cache), their last post, "2019 – A Year of Mushroom Foraging" said not ideal and not very good conditions last year. I don't know if climate change or less rain has been causing this but let's hope it's better this year and morels are not in decline.