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FAYI, I checked several good elms and surrounding areas, the ground, and leaves packed wet flat, so if there were any breaking ground they wern't tall enough to break through the leaf litter.

Either that or I've gone blind!

I hope to be by there next weekend and find that my hunches were correct, then report.

I'm pretty sure true morels are barely present this early in this area.
That shroom I found days ago next to a building - pretty sure soil was warmed by it - that's why it appeared so early.

If anyone's watching, a question: What's the min temp for these things to pop? The blondes I mean. We barely see any other edible species hereabouts.

God must have wanted to starve us so we'll leave the land as it is!
I wish we had.
It's a shame that barely any ancient eastern woods exists. And neither Ginseng. I used to look for them and it took me a year and a half to find the first plant! Didn't have the heart to disturb it. Probably still there in that cliff in Colchester.
I seeded a mess of them. Hope to go back some day and see what happened.
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