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Hard to believe 2020 season is upon us.
It should start here in Indiana around mid-April, which is a mere 14 weeks away.
Last year was a once every 10 or 20 year bounty.
Rain is coming down heavy here in Kokomo and hopefully moisture stays with us.
We had an incredible thread last year, so let’s get this year going with a bang.


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Howdy Br5... and Everyone!
Wade here...
it is so Exciting !! may as well say its already here..
im getting my gear ready and hoping to Hunt somewhere in Georgia again this year Georgia usually finds their first ones around February 17th..
then Man i would Love to Hunt Southern Kentucky March 17th...
Then PopPopPop they will be up in Southern Indiana and Illinois immediately there after..and Monroe county Indiana by April 17th ...
We have Huge Hunting Plans in this 2020 Season..
Lets all post a bunch pictures and Stories from Our 2019 Season ..
to give us good memories and Encouragement,
While we Watch and Wait
Happy 2020 Season Everyone
picture of Robinbluebird and Chewy Crossing Back Over, After an Awesome Hunting at Big Beaver May 2019

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@scoondog and Everyone.. Wow those are some Beautys are those some you found last year?
yep I say...and with these temps folks are finding some Healthy and Fresh FUNGI out there Right Now...
mine is not real freshly but..
here is a pic of what i found yesterday View attachment 24048 View attachment 24050
yup, last years haul, pretty good for me , hope we have another year like last and I have a little more time to get out
View attachment 24112 View attachment 24114
Me and you got the deer meat now we need some shrooms
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