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    Shrooms lover in Somerset area curious if any of y'all are finding any round here yet?
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    Also in Pulaski and have been meaning to post in the forum but didn't make an account until I saw your post.

    I was first introduced to them at the end of that last rainy week in March when some folks working on our dock showed us they had found some on the path to the lake. I became obsessed and ended up collecting a few pounds worth after scourging our property through the month of April. This is near burnside island on a north-west facing cliffside with an assortment of sycamore, tulip poplars, ash and elm.

    Since then and to keep busy during the quarantine, I’ve been hunting incessantly for more but have become frustrated having no luck even after excursions to the Salt Petre Caves, Barren River park, Wolf Creek Dam and Beaver Creek Management area.

    It being my first year, I can’t really tell if I’m looking in the wrong places (still learning to identify trees), at the wrong times (until last week we’d had cold+wet weeks and warm+dry weeks but no warm+wet weeks), or if people have already picked them. Been finding all sorts of other cool fungi including this bad boy at Green River park

    After this past rain and because the temperature seems right, I will probably make a few more trips and check out Boone National Forest. 0AEDA8C1-F00A-46A7-B31F-AC1ECAD93CDA.png

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    Gotcha! Rescued a Great Pyrenees for the Sheriff that lived down that way a few years ago. We're right on 52 in the woods before Estill.