2020 Morel Season

Discussion in 'Wyoming' started by Kfreeman810, Apr 25, 2020.

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    Hello folks! My family and I have just recently moved to Wyoming by the border of SD. How does hunting look for this season in eastern/central Wyoming? Also I heard somewhere you have to have a permit to hunt in Wyoming? Is that true or not? We came from Nebraska where we have been hunting our morels for years in eastern and even western Nebraska so this is new hunting grounds for us now! Any good advice/areas to look would be appreciated!
    Thanks all and happy hunting!
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    USFS permit required for specific forests, especially western Wyo where limits are in place based upon X gallons harvested on individual burn areas. On each individual Nat'l Forest web page look for "special forest products permits" which state limits and permit prices. For the Big Horns and the Bear Lodge aka Black Hills, the current limit is 2-gallons mushrooms per picker per day w/o permit...see "incidental free use w/o permit" section on the web page. Suggest you spend next 2-weeks in Hulett area then go west to Burgess Junction or SW of Buffalo.