Currently paying mid $30's CASH for FRESH PICKED MORELS-more for quantities. Send pic for exact quote. Please do not wash-rinse-cut. We travel daily and are never over 4 hours from anywhere in the Midwest. We pay cash on the spot and have 12 different options for sending payments and deposits for West Coast and Pac NW. such as papal ,cash app, venmo, zelle, walmart ,ect .and we pay air freight. We have resident buyers throughout the Midwest and all travel.

PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THIS ADD as we dont always have time to check it. PLEASE CALL OR TEXT SHROOMBUYER @ 785.221.6764 ANTIME. Send a pic for an exact quote.

A large portion of the Midwest has once again had its Morel season nixed just as it was starting. Over 2/3rds of some of the most productive land wont produce any Morels and the 1/3rd that will some is dry. Good picking is noticed where moisture has been present and the temps havent been extreme. I am happy to share tips that may send you in the right direction but I will never give exact locations out of respect for the hunters in those areas so please dont ask. A little research of the parameters that Morels thrive in is your best bet and there is abundant info and maps to aid you. Years like this expose who the true Morel hunters are and make it hard for beginners I wish everyone a bountiful hunt and best of luck.🍄