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2022 NY Morel Season

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A teaser from our one little harvest last year. At least they were big ones. Pretty sure I missed last year's thread completely, but am going to read through it because I'm excited!! How is everyone doing? Any new spots picked out to try? My husband and I have spent a little time finding new areas for adventure this year, so that should be fun [aside from my current IT band issue]. Wishing everyone the best of luck, and looking forward to your posts!

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I heard that when the maple leaves get to be quarter sized the morels are out is that true?
Or when oak leaves are the size of a squirrels's ear? Hardly a standard unit of measurement! ;)
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Hey everyone..
Soil has to reach 45 to 50 F.
Leeks are going crazy
Leeks, or "ramps" as we call them in NE Ohio, are indeed up. I took a walk along a hardwood ridge the other day which should be warmer than the bottomland I found the ramps in, and there was absolute NO sign of may apples at all! Very little green out there! We are behind. It was a really cold Winter, and it hasn't been all that warm a Spring. I don't mind the slow warm up, as long as we don't have any wild temp swings!
Yeah! I heard mine today a lot! I'll hear it again tomorrow! But then, rain Sunday and Monday. Wednesday and Thursday I'm out there.
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I'd love to find some fiddleheads. Saw something that kind of looked like them but didn't have the "paper" associated with fiddleheads. Plus, many of them were uncurled far too much to be gathered.
Wow! maybe I need to get back out there! Haven't been out since my last morel hunt. Too busy taking care of the house and property! Damn this house and property! I
Well, it was upper 80's yesterday and today. Supposed to be in the low 90's tomorrow. I cut grass yesterday and today. I want that hot sun tomorrow to really sear the tips of those grass blades and slow this stuff down! This cutting the grass every 3 to 4 days is nonsense! I'll get some stuff done early while it's still cool, and then chill the rest of the day.
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