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2022 NY Morel Season

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A teaser from our one little harvest last year. At least they were big ones. Pretty sure I missed last year's thread completely, but am going to read through it because I'm excited!! How is everyone doing? Any new spots picked out to try? My husband and I have spent a little time finding new areas for adventure this year, so that should be fun [aside from my current IT band issue]. Wishing everyone the best of luck, and looking forward to your posts!

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I found these honkers on 5/7 last year, mid-HV. I thought this year was going to be early, but the warm-up has slowed a bit, so I'd guess we are on track for similar timing. What are you guys noticing in terms of indicator species?
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Hi Wade!

Wig, My indicator species is lawn. When you hear the first lawnmower the morels are just peeking through the duff layer. By the time lawns are being mowed the second time then the morels are harvest-able.
My neighbor was mowing his lawn this past weekend 🤔
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Is it me or is the season really late this year, at least for upstate? Last year I picked my first batch of black morels ~April 15th. This year, in those same spots, I don't even see them poking out of the ground yet.
Same, checked this weekend and nothing is up yet. Indicator species are behind too.
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