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2023 “ MORELS “ Chickens,Chanterells, and all other Fungi Conversations, WISCONSIN 2023.

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Well that dang Ground Hog saw hie shadow out east somewhere, so maybe six more weeks of winter!!
The good news is we start taping Sugar Maples in about 4 weeks. Good luck this year it should be “Epic”.
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Oh man am I happy, Got a small frying pan of tasty Morels. Monroe county. Found in wet semi open area at 61-62 degree 4" ground temp. Openish to southern sky. Other trees were 57-58 degrees 6-8" ground clutter, NOTHING. I had a friend follow me for over 40 yards. I run into them in the woods, but usually they try to drive me away from their nests. 14 Mushrooms. I'll take some to new friends, along with red and white stem pamps for teaching purposes. View attachment 47041 View attachment 47042
Well hell yeah bud
That doesn't look like a fawn though? Lol
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Finally found a few! Very cold hunting today.


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$50 a pound for bag of small Grey's at muscoda morel festival. Lol. Nice day to see what it's about There, check that off the list. Dry around here and avonca
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