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2023 Illinois questions and finds

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Let’s have a great season
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Another great day with my son. We were able to return to the same spot 12 separate times and kept finding more. Hoping to get another trip or two out before I head up north. View attachment 46822
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Looking good keep it up
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Had to leave more behind than I brought home.
Plant Plant community Natural landscape Terrestrial plant Groundcover

Plant Reptile Scaled reptile Terrestrial plant Wood

False morel Plant Terrestrial plant Natural landscape Wood
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Yes, but this is good timing to find those spots and get in a week sooner next year..
🍄🍄Love The Hunt🍄🍄
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Ok here are the pictures I promised
Organism Terrestrial plant Natural landscape Groundcover Fungus

Terrestrial plant Grass Groundcover Plant Soil

Pollinator Plant Insect Arthropod Terrestrial plant

Leaf Plant Pollinator Adaptation Bedrock

Plant Mushroom Terrestrial plant Stinkhorn mushroom False morel

Organism Terrestrial plant Groundcover Camouflage Terrestrial animal

Plant Terrestrial plant Organism Tree Twig

Organism Terrestrial plant Plant Wood Adaptation

Camouflage Plant Butterfly Terrestrial plant Southern Leopard Frog

Plant Terrestrial plant Pollinator Terrestrial animal Groundcover
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Nice pics. I feel like this year, in northern IL, conditions have been the best in at least five years. Stayed on the cool side with just enough rain. If there had a bit more rain it really would have been a great season, but can't complain, I had some decent finds.
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