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Howdy Yall... in Tennessee
Wade here 🤠 I'm up in Monroe County Indiana
"Bloomington" it's about 60 miles South of Indianapolis and about 100 miles North of Kentucky and the Ohio River..
We are still 4 to 6 weeks till Our Usual Time for Morels Season...
I'm just wondering what is happening round Yalls Areas ..
🍄is much of it coming in Early?
🍄or does it look like gonna be Usual Timing?
🍄 All of us up here in these Northern States
Would enjoy your conversations and Pictures
to Encourage us as we wait for Ours to get Popp'n.
🍄❤Love The Hunt ❤🍄
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Some Pictures from Last Years Hunting 2023

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Unless you're willing to learn a whole lot and a really short amount of time you should just find somebody who knows everything you need and go hunting with them. Sometimes hunting for wisdom is more fruitful than hunting for morels
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