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2nd Season Hunter, Kansas City North

Discussion in 'Missouri' started by creekfinds, Mar 28, 2014.

  1. creekfinds

    creekfinds Morel Enthusiast

    Hello everyone. I've been an avid arrowhead hunter for years, hunting primarily in central Missouri. When I moved to KC a few years ago, it became evident creeks and waterways here didn't produce artifacts like they do south of here. Needles to say, a lack of artifact hunting left me feeling hung out to dry. Then the heavens opened last year when a friend introduced me to morels (via dinner). The more I inquired about this delicacy, the more I found hunting them was much like hunting for artifacts - knowing how, when, and where was key. Although it was late in the season I set out on my first hunt. Day 1: 1 morel, 8 half free's (which I discarded not knowing if they were safe). Day 2 and beyond: a grand total of approximately 150 morels. This year I'm headed straight for the honey hole - and taking a couple of newbies along. Happy Hunting....it's almost here!!
  2. hi-lo-tx-ho

    hi-lo-tx-ho Morel Enthusiast


  3. blackhawk

    blackhawk Young Morel

    I lived near claycomo mo and have been a mushroom hunting fool for about 30 years I have moved near springfield now an I am chomped at the bit to start finding them this year cold is setting us back some there are great spots up there to hunt good luck to all