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A "Morel" Dilemma - VIDEO

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"The dead elm tree is over rated!" I received this comment a few weeks ago on my "Go for the Gold! - 14 Lbs." Youtube video I'm posting here. I, too, have found morels under other trees. But the dead elms have produced consistently well for me. Should I change my focus? What say you? I welcome your comments, both pro and con.
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Shroomcrafter 1st of all let me say great video. I do about the same with elm and ash trees which are the two basic tree types I hunt.In Northern Indiana there are about an equal number of elms and ash.Way more ash trees where I hunt in Northern Michigan. Elm trees aren't overrated there's just fewer of them nowadays.

You have mentioned before that a lot of your big finds are in SW Wisconsin. Have you been seeing any yet this year? I am new to the area (Near Reedsburg) and have never found any Morels (have found Chants and others near Duluth, MN where I came from), but am eager to learn and find my first ones! Do you hunt near Reedsburg or have any other tips for our area? Thanks for any info you can give a new guy. By the way, is there any way to private message on this board??
Great video; very motivating. That's some great timber.

Tree hunting is an indispensable element of wise strategy, and the most important in my opinion. Reading the soil, forest floor litter and vegetation, canopy, and the angle of light on ground as it relates to temperature are important, but taken together they are not as important as identifying likely trees--especially elms. In the absence of tree hunting, one is merely strolling randomly through the woods and hoping on a wing and a prayer that they might stumble upon some. I can't imagine mushroom hunting without tree hunting.
Thanks for all your good comments:

morelas must-shroom, You are so right, there are fewer elms than there used to be. Dutch elm disease is taking its toll.

schultz24, I've never hunted Reedsburg area. Watch the Wisconsin Message Board closely, even ask questions. You may already know of the Muscoda hotspot. If you have relatives in that area, or can befriend some landowners it might prove worthwhile, in case Reedsburg doesn't pan out. I'm not aware of how to private message. Good luck. Finding your first morels will be very exciting!

Shroom god, Very well stated, and I totally agree. Thanks for your cogent input. If we shroomers will just listen, we will vastly increase our chances by learning our trees, "especially elms."
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