Almost too late in my early spots-Clay

Discussion in 'Arkansas' started by df4f2, Apr 24, 2013.

  1. df4f2

    df4f2 Morel Enthusiast

    Time has been an issue for me this year.
    I finally found something to report about.
    The total was 153. All nice size but close to drying out.
    I found them around Gentry in my honey hole.
    Not good again this year.
    I'm going out to my late spot on Friday.
    It would be cool to find my first morel here in May.
    I posted a photo of a nice one on this site.
  2. jerry ludwig

    jerry ludwig Morel Enthusiast

    I checked a number of areas between Clinton and Mt. View on Sun to Tues (Apr. 23) and found some dried out, just right and very few just coming up. It turned out to be one of my slower years but a lot my spots have been destroyed by logging or tornadoes during the past few years.