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  1. jamie

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    Nice and fresh and wet as hell-soaked. I am guessing way over 100 pounds. All in boxes 20 pound take em all Cash only please.

    Hey pilgrim. Maybe we can hookup and hunt. You can find me after dark in the closest casino to where I am picking. I can assure you I am not in nor have I ever been to the Northwest. Its just like last year. Everybody thinks you can just fall out of the truck and stumble across morels. Ha. If last year taught us anything its that one has to watch the temperature and then hunt accordingly. Every other year I follow the rains to find em and this year I follow the sun. These yellows were accidentally found as I was driving down the interstate and couldn`t wait for em to dry before picking.(state right of way) Nice big blondes and the price is right.
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  2. missourishroommate

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    [QUOTE="You can find me after dark in the closest casino to where I am picking. [/QUOTE]

    jamie, this is me an my wife! hunt all day, gamble at night... we get mail from almost every casino in the midwest/plains :)

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    Jaimie - I may be interested in buying your morels from you if you can ship them. I would let you know how to ship and have Fe-ex pick up at your place. Please send a picture to 608-732-2175 if interested. Not sure on the wet ones. I would need to see them in a picture or have you lay them out to dry a bit first. Thank you - Jason Morelmasters