Am I too early?

Discussion in 'Tennessee' started by Buttercup, Apr 5, 2019.

  1. Buttercup

    Buttercup Young Morel

    Hi! I am so excited and seeing all the signs in mid Tn, but no morels yet...any advice?

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  2. Bock

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    Hey Buttercup,

    Just keep looking. I am in east tn and have been checking the same spot for a week now. Finally got 17 yesterday. Just moved to tn from a 34 year stint in Florida so I am running blind this year. I am originally from in so I know the morel ways...somewhat.

  3. bssur

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    Hey Buttercup,
    I'm in the Clarksville area and found 3 yesterday (finally) 2 greys and a yellow!
    These woods have areas where lots of sun hits it, believe it's just now starting in our area (middle TN). Taking WED/THUR/FRI off work to hunt. Look at the trees in the area you're walking. I have some great access to woods with no mushroom. 80-90% oak and hickory.
    I find the most in mixed woods with ash, elm, dogwood etc in them.
    You'll find them, stay at it.