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Yes sir. I went out Monday afternoon in the rain and found 40 nice yellows in the hills along the Missouri River. They are transitioning to Morchella Crassipes, or the ones you generally see at the end of the season. The stems are getting longer, thinner and more brittle. I found several that had fallen over just from the weight of the cap, but I will say this, the caps are beautifully long & full. Some caps measuring up to 5" in length by themselves. I made Chicken Fried Morels out of the ones I found and had a feast fit for a king!
The grond cover is getting to be the biggest problem now, so if you find one, really take your time and look in the general area. All good shroomers know this, but it doesn't hurt to help a fellow shroomer out. Approach your finds from several angles and give it the thrice over! They are still out there!
Happy Hunting!
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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