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Anybody been out for an early look?

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Just fishing to see if many of you have been out yet. I know there's been some sporadic finds of lil guys so far. I'm gonna go for a woods walk today after work. Probably won't find any morels but maybe an antler. Will post back my observations.
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Went out to one of my only black spots. Its fairly open with a good amount of sun. Didn't see anything. NE Ohio
Got out after work for a couple hours without any high hope. No morels but I did find 2 Devils urns and also a single dandelion in my back yard. My guess is with this cold front coming through we have maybe 2-3 weeks before any real finds up here.
Finding blacks today for 1st of the yr been out every day for last 2 weeks
Nice to hear danb! What part of the state? I went out again today for a peek here in northeast Ohio. Woods are greening up. Found some lbm's that were truly little lol. No morels yet. My guess is 2 weeks until I find any. Just waiting on ground temps. Some of the first dandelions have gone to seed
Stark co in NE ohio near Tuscarawas & Carroll Co border
South west Portage county near summit and stark. How bout you jdk?
I am in NE ohio Cuyahoga Geauga border
Hook bender I use the tinypic app from my ipad or from my laptop
I'm in Licking county. Found a dozen blacks Friday and 28 blacks yesterday. Was on the south side of a hill and about 50 yards up the hill. A few decent size but most were around 1-2 inches high.
Run fast! We are finding yellows in Richland county.
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