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Anybody finding any mushrooms in Missouri and near what city?

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Anybody finding any mushrooms in Missouri and near what city?
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Thanks Trotline. I was already looking at bluffs but I figure it's early for the hills
ShroomCuttin, sorry, no morels in Mizzou, and they're all poisonous. Ya better stay put.
Stuman70, Me and the old lady did a little recon close to you last week. I am itching to get back out. Maybe tomorrow afternoon, but definitely Thursday through Sunday. Got a nice honey hole down by ur neck of the woods.
Carroll county coworkers sister found around a pound. They are up.
greggster is a penis!!! stay home in the bubble u live in. our morels are poisenious to douchebags like u anyway. found 300 last year near Truman lake and im going out Friday to find lust as many
Ha, come on down and get ya some, aadavis42. You wouldn't know a good joke if it smacked ya in the head, wuss!
Well, crappy windows phone! Around St. Joseph area...teeny tiny things...but they're here! lol
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Looks promising, where there is little ones there will soon be bigguns :wink:
I can't wait. I know it's early, but I guess the winter just felt longer than usual (I'm sure it wasn't) lol.

Found about 15 grey's here in St.Charles county over the past 2 days. These warm and wet nights are really helping, but I only picked about 8 of the 15. Some were too small to pick, biggest grey I found was around 2". Most of them found on creek banks, but they're startin to come up in different areas now so look good!
Found 15 small blacks around Wappapello lake today.
Found one grey about two inches tall on a south facing cliff this morning. Was just south of the river near buckner. Should be blowing up this weekend. Go royals. ...
Checked one of my spots in Cass Cty. about 30 miles south of KC, nothing yet. Dandelions started blooming about 3 days ago. From the sounds of the other post they should be popping in the next week or so.
I am in Dallas county near Buffalo and I found a half of a grocery sack full of nice red's or false morels.
Went out this morning around the Liberty area and found 15 or so small greys under one tree. They were all less than 2 inches tall. Later in the day the wife and I went to another location and found another 8 about the same size. Ran into fellow hunter who said he basically found the same, a couple bunches of small greys. They are up, just really small. Need a few more days, possibly another week.
Do you guys eat them false morels?
I have found them before and been told they are not good to eat.
The red ones are toxic. Some people eat them but I would advise against it from some of the research iv done. The half free morels are suppose to be slightly toxic to certain people but iv eaten them my whole life and been fine. If in doubt throw it out.
At Last ! Found 8 yellows today, at the base of a hedge apple facing east. 4 days ago I picked 24 grays (small) in the same spot that last year I had my best ever find of yellows ??????? But hey, you know how it is, they are where you find them seems different every year. Good luck to all this year, Oh, I'm in central SW, Mo. Game ON !
4 greys and 6 yellows today in east Jackson County. About half a pound all together. Not bad for waking about a quarter mile
Found 65 grays small to medium under one tree in labadie going to my yellow mushroom spot tomorrow near wilwood
41 - 60 of 97 Posts
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