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Anybody finding any mushrooms in Missouri and near what city?

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Anybody finding any mushrooms in Missouri and near what city?
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Found 95 yellows/greys last Friday. 125 mostly pretty good-sized yellows yesterday in Barry County, Cassville area. This has been a good year so far, hope to find more.
Finding them here in Southwest Missouri south of Aurora, MO.
I'm in the clever , billings area. I've only found 9 so far. Not having good luck. My 2 boys are sure getting discouraged. We went down to crane last night and walked all over the place at the conservation area. Found 4 right away and thought it was gonna be a good night. Then kept moving in and found tracks, and divots around trees. Whoever was down there just pulled them and didn't pinch or cut them.
i dont want to discourage you even more CleverHunter but according to MDC, they posted something on facebook a couple days ago saying southern missouri morels are starting to wind down based on the way vegetation looks. i hope they're wrong!!!

there is a chance they might actually be wrong though. here in st. charles/ st. louis the vegetation is telling me the same thing "the season is winding down!" ... but plants and morels do not follow the same rules fortunately for me! vegetation has been taking off around here, but it hasn't been just right for the morels in this area to have a big pop yet.

the only downside to my current situation here in st. charles is i might be limited to hunting north facing hills where vegetation has not yet taken off... unless i want to wade through 18"-2' tall weeds in the river bottoms or south facing hills.
Question ,I am new to this game but am addicted now. Found first ones (4 of them)on sunday. Cut them off at base. Found some monday that were smaller and left to get bigger ,went by tonight and stayed same size and we're a little dry. I quest picked when you find them. After ra in this weekend do you check spots that you found them in or is it done in that area. Thks for feedback. Man they are good
i checked a spot last sunday and pulled 10 out.. checked the exact same spot today and pulled 22 out. a lot of it depends on what the weather does but the more you hunt the more you will get a feel of what to expect.

based on what the weather has been doing here i kinda figured the spot wasnt dont producing (and it still might not be) ... it's been really mild and i thought those 10 that i found were just isolated to certain areas that had just the right conditions to produce... overall conditions got a little better (rain) so i checked it again and it produced again even better... but i dont think it's done producing because conditions still are not great. i will probably check it again monday because we're getting more rain friday/saturday and i bet it will produce again in pretty much the exact same spot.... probably be done after that.

when you're first starting out its really hard and you have to check a lot of areas over and over until you finally start to get a feel for what they're gonna do, but nature can still throw some curve balls at you and tell you "hey, you don't know jack about how these things work!"
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the humidity here has really been bad lately... so after it rains they seem to pop up really quick and hard (since the ground temperature has been good) ... but without humidity they will start to dry up pretty quick.

in my opinion those are the 3 biggest things to keep an eye on with your local weather: ground temperature, precipitation, and humidity. those 3 things will tell you quite a bit about what to expect
Slick you just never know with morels, sometimes you get rewarded by checking back in an area. Think it was 2012 I was looking for a new fishing spot and soon as I stepped in the woods I came across a lot of morels. Picked over 130 until it got too dark and this is in a heavily hunted area. It was May 9th and have returned every year since then and found a few but not like that one day. Thought I had a honey hole but have seen others there every year. My guess is they had a second flush and everyone had given up by then and I just happened to stumble across them. I do find them in same spots checking back but it is most likely the ones I missed the first time. This could be one of those years with cool temps and decent rains, may get lucky first weekend in May. Good luck
MDC doesn't know crap about much of anything, much less when's a good time to find morels. These and 30 more just like em came off the creek bank behind my house yesterday. That spot is always the first on my property to flush. It's just starting to get good.

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Where ya located Shroom Dog?? I don't think they know what they're talking about either. To me we have had nothing but cold and rainy weather the last 2.5 weeks. Nothing in the 70s so to speak.

To me they're just starting. Size is pretty small-med. Nothing dried up. Very moist.

I'm headed out tomorrow to some conservation areas. Hope I find something.
Found 34 in about a hour today about 45 on wenesday and last Sunday another 40 and last friday Friday and 128 all in KC MO. each time I went was for about a hour to 2 hours tops the ones tonight we're bigger then my hand.
Found a couple pounds over 70 in new spot. Most fresh and small and a handful that were too old. Platte county along river
Yep in double, triples, and quads. All in a small area 20 x 30 ft. 90% of them fresh and a few too far gone and a few just starting to dry up. Just walked the area I found my first one this year and found just one but fresh.
My place is 5 miles east of Columbia, CH. MDC is full of bull puckey for sure. Talked to my cousin in Macon on Friday. He said the greys are just starting at his place.

This one and a bunch more like it came out of the community hole at Eagle Bluffs yesterday.

And this one and a bunch more like it came out of Rock Bridge State Park yesterday.

We got a good bit of rain on Saturday. I'm going to hit a couple of my in-town spots after work today.
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Does anybody in the Springfield area have any Morels they'd sell, I'll be passing through there on my way to Illinois Thursday also St. Louis area or between those to areas, 309-883-3057. Thanks!
Checked same spot I walked a week ago and another spot nearby I'd never walked before. 78 big yellows and grey. Only a few getting old. Along river big maples
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