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Anybody Know The Name of This Shroom?

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I was thinking it might be a Goldstack Boletus or a Penny Cap Bun.

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You can also tap your tongue on its flesh when cut in half and if its bitter its no good....but from the looks of it it looks like a delicious bolete ....does it turn blue slowly?

oh not sure why the picture showed and not the link.... u can click on the pic and it will take u to web site
Yes I am from Austria and used to mushroom hunt in the Alps since I was a little girl (4years old) and those are excellent! NOM!
Now as for the morels lobsters and honeys oysters... im still clueless although morels are hard to miss and pick poison ones. Cant wait for the spring since I did end up finding a "honey spot" for morels last year in dupage county!
1 - 3 of 22 Posts
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