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Anybody Know The Name of This Shroom?

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I was thinking it might be a Goldstack Boletus or a Penny Cap Bun.

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Id say it is a Two-Colored bolete (Boletus Bicolor) or a Brick-Cap Bolete (Boletus Sensibilis)
If it turns bluer slowly when cut then its Two-Colored and is a very fine edible.
If it turns blue instantly it is poisonous.
Also if it has a orange-red poor surface with varying olive tint avoid it. It could be a Borealis edibility unknown.
I think this is a Boletus Mirabilis, which is edible/choice. I would ask where the shroom was found? If it was found near or on conifer logs and stumps that would be a more definitive marker.
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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