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Anyone else feel morels will come early this yr 2023

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Since last summer I noticed a lot of herbs and mushrooms bloomed earlier than normal, starting with the goldenrod. I even found a lions mane much sooner than normal~ makes me wander if morels will come early. All this rain, butter cups already sprouting here in North Alabama. Thoughts~
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@Treesleeper .. Hay Man.. they the Color of RiceCrispy treats.. them look Gooood
Wonder if they that lighter color cause of the Sandy soil. I've noticed that from pics of shrooms in the south they a lighter yellow color
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Few more, season dying out next week will be pure creek walking to get the late ones~ Also got some Watercress, Nettle, Wild lettuce ~ So Grateful! If y'all on Facebook check my page out~ Judy Moon Elixirs! Happy Hunting! View attachment 45245
View attachment 45244
That says spring right there for sure. You definitely have been having a good season
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