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Hello everyone, I am in charge of the Arizona Mushroom Forum web site and Facebook page, and a member of the Arizona Mushroom Club.

The 2014 morel season was a stinker because of the warm, dry winter, but hope springs eternal, and we are said to be due for a strong El Nino phenomenon this coming winter. If it pans out, the Arizona Mushroom Club will for sure be organizing a foray or two next spring.

In the meantime, I want to invite you to come to our non-commercial web site, meet some other folks who share your interest in the fungi, and get the information you need to find them successfully in our arid state. We get some excellent boletes and other edibles in the Arizona high country once the summer monsoon rains begin in early to mid July, and would like to have you come along.

The address is See you there!
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