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Sorry this report is late, but your not missing much here anyway.(at least in the north end)
We took a long journey to the north end of the August Complex near the north boundary of the Yolla Bolla Wilderness Area to check on burn Morels or whatever we might stumble across.(photo 1 & 2)
It was a nice but windy day when we got to White Rock Station, an old USFS where they kept the pack mules for entering the wilderness area back in the day. We had stopped several times but there were no Morels that we could see. It was dry as heck, even several inches down. The burn area near Pony Buck had been so hot there was no forest floor left, just red dirt, rocks and charred stumps for the most part. As we got ready to leave White Rock a thunderstorm appeared almost instantly and started dumpiing hail; so much that it left about 1 inch or more on the ground and the air temperature plummeted to about48 degrees! We decided it was not worth staying and headed out to Stuart Gap with the intention of checking the fire area near Rat Trap Gap.(yes, these really are the names of these places!) (see photos 3-6)
White Rock Station 1.jpg White Rock Station 3.jpg Hail Sorm 1.jpg Hail Sorm 2.jpg
So we made a brief stop to answer Mother Nature's call and looked down, and among the melting hail was piles of Earthstars.(Astraeus hygrometricus) I've never seen so many in one place! There were big groups of them all over this one area, Unfortunately, they aren't edible. Earth Star 3.jpg Earth Star 2.jpg
So we took off and around the bend was a big sign in the road that said "Closed Due To Landslide", so we took the only other route heading toward Hwy 36. No more than 1/4 mile and WHOA! A big monolith looking rock sitting in the middle of the road! We barely skirted around it and my buddy driving was looking down about a 1500 foot drop off right at the edge of the road.

(he's scared of But we made it through one more slide and back to Hwy 36. Big Road Rock 2.jpg
We didn't locate anything edible but it was a wild ride through a wildfire area. Hopefully it may be better on the south end (Mendecino) but it looked way too dry in the north, and I don't think the moisture we got that day would be enough to help. FYI for y'all! ...Happy Shroomin'................
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