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i have been huntin mushrooms since i could walk, my old man used to tell me 50deg nights were the key. over the years i have been watching the lilac bushes to tell me when to go. as the bush in the yard had some deep reddish purple blooms starting to poke through it, told me to go look for greys today. i have also noticed that the bigger the blooms the larger the crop. and when the lilac blooms are gone so are the morels. call me crazy, but watch and see what happens. what barometers do the rest of you use?
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I agree completely and I've been hunting since I was a child too!
When the Redbuds start to bloom ,but hell this year I'm shutout , not a single ANYTHING .Im so mad I could spit!!!!!!!
I agree completely! I too have been using the same barometers my whole life! My dad and I use to go religiously every year, until this morel season. He passed away last October. He use to pretend like he could smell them.. lol And I believed him for a long time too! I've never been hunting with anyone else but him.. So I'm a little hesitant to go, as I don't want to end the tradition. But I think its the "prime" time right now for them to be poppin up.. I live in Ankeny, Ia, and have been hunting the same land for almost 27 yrs now. I need a hunting buddy. I laughed when I saw your plzgodjustone.. I ALWAYS find myself saying those words when I'm out hunting. Kinda hit home for me. Haha Let me know if you want to come to my timber and slaughter the shrooms with me. Would be nice having company with the same methods! ---Ally
So PlzGodjustone, would you like to go hunting with me sometime?
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