Big Morel growing in a basement!?!?

Discussion in 'Ohio' started by i fish, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. i fish

    i fish Young Morel

    Was found yesterday in Athens county. It was growing along the darkest wall of a room with no windows, out of the corner where a 1930's era concrete floor meets a1900's era interior brick wall. I made this crappy video:

    It's like this damned mushroom has a life of it's own that is trying with all it's juju might to not be seen. Tried taking pics with my cousins phone, but they always came out blurry. I went home and got the camera, but, every time I took a pic or video, the camera said it was in an unknown format. Swapped out SD cards, and the new one said it was full. Thought about it a while and took out sd card to use internal memory. Got 13 pics on it before full, but, I can't find the usb cord to get them on the computer. Tried another sd card that worked, but only could get video. I even had trouble getting the video on the net, lol.
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  2. the shroominator

    the shroominator Morel Connoisseur

    CRAZY! I wonder if an old dead morel hunters spirit is haunting the place. He can come to my basement too! Lol

  3. morelsandmanners

    morelsandmanners Morel Connoisseur

    To think I have been looking under trees my whole life? They truly are a mysterious fungus. Awesome, thanks for sharing
  4. trufflehunter

    trufflehunter Young Morel

    I throw my morel soaking water in the flower bed near the base of the house. Always hoping to have a flowerbed full of morels someday! Maybe that actually happened here?
  5. bri

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    I've been out since noon today, I found 11 browns. Walked about 6,000 miles too! I'm in Stark county close to Summit. Anybody have any better luck today?